Electric Venturi (EV) is a very simple energy saving

solution for conveying a broad range of products.

  • Electric blower flows air through the inlet (1) into the chamber (2). Then it is injected into the throat through the accelerating section (3).

  • High speed flow of air create a vacuum at the intake (4) which draws materials in and accelerates it through the unit (5) at long vertical or horizontal distances.​



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Electric Venturi GUERIN is especially designed for conveying light materials from 20 to 100 mm :

  • Transport of medium and small components

  • Tablets, corks, caps, buttons, etc.

  • Tensioning of fibers / yarns

  • Transport of scrap trim, filling and emptying, etc.

  • Plastics, chemical / pharmaceutical products, foodstuff, chips, etc.

Conveying :
  • For conveying line diameter from 2" to 6 "

  • Useful length : until 40 m depending on your product

  • Air flow speed adjustable for soft manutentions

  • For light products up to 100 mm

  • High throughput capacity 

Electric Venturi :
  • Execution stainless steel

  • Connections 3" to 6" to fit standard hose, flanges options

  • Food grade, ATEX options

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy installation

  • Eco design (Directives 2014/30/CE)

  • EV can be set for low speed conveying as required for your delicate products

  • Each manufactured EV is callibrated on a bench test for the best efficency with your specific products


  • Electric Venturi GUERIN can reduce your conveying energy cost of 90 %. Classical venturis for small materials continous conveying are using compressed air from factory's local network.

  • In 95% of configurations, air is pressured at 7 bars, unlike EV that needs only 0.05 bars and that uses an electric blower to generate the air flow pressure.

  • As example, EV4" (100mm) only needs 0.7 to 1.5 KW where a compressed air venturi burns 8 KW on the compressor unit.

  • Blower of the EV is driven through an inverter, so  pressure and speed can be fine adjusted for  optimum conveying conditions & energy saving.


EV GUERIN has 2 options of installation : it can be in line or upstream :

Currently in testing period :

  • In line : EV is installed at the highest point of the line.

  • For downstream, Electric Cyclone (EC) uses cyclone effect for best efficiency. It can be installed on the top of a buffer.

EC needs specific dimensioning depending of your product. Don't hesitate to contact us.​



       EV & EC Technology can replace air compressed conveying system for clever energy

  • Feasibility study
    As each product has their own specificities for conveying, this can be evaluated on our bench test for your needs

  • Machinery prototyping 
    Specific machines for your specific needs

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